THOUFUN was established in 2010 as a Japanese brand for climbing and bouldering.
The brand name "THOUFUN" is a word coined from the Japanese word “Touhan” (meaning climbing) and the English “Too fun”.
THOUFUN is based on the concept of "Let's have fun climbing! ”
The designer, Eri Kamegaya, has a background in the apparel industry and worked as a paper patterner which is the method used when making THOUFUN products.
Our clothing is designed to be functional allowing climbers to move freely, while also being fashionable.
We select materials which are both lightweight and durable so as to best suit  climbers’ needs.Almost all of our products are made in Hiroshima or Saitama, Japan and our denim is sourced from Okayama or Hiroshima, Japan, which are renowned worldwide for the quality of the denim they produce.
Our products are unisex and due to their comfort and stylish design are perfect for both climbing and bouldering, as well as for everyday use

About giveaway

We are giving away a free pouch in a variety of materials and colors to all customers who spend over 10,000 yen on our site.(product cost before shipping is added)
These pouches are made using the leftover material from the creation of our main products.
Around 50% of the material used to make these pouches comes from the leftover material from the creation of our main products.
These pouches are the ideal size for a pair of climbing shoes or can also be used to keep your belongings organised when preparing for a climbing trip.
(Please note, depending on supply, we may have to offer an alternative giveaway product.)
It's as well for luggage organization of climbing trip.
Please looking forward to different combination each purchase.
We may have to give other giveaway sometimes.


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