About the Fish-PT series

-The Fish-PT series are THOUFUN's most popular nylon climbing pants, lightweight and easy to move in.
-A multi-use bottoms series that can be used not only at the climbing gym but also on outside climbing and for everyday use.

About the Fabric

-The 100% nylon fabric has a cotton-like matte finish, is durable, light, and dries quickly.
Unlike typical nylon, our fabric does not make a rustling noise, allowing you to concentrate on your climbing.
With this fabric we are able to achieve almost perfect color matching, meaning it’s ideal for custom colors.
This series is versatile, allowing you to mix and match different types with each color, regardless of the number of pieces you own.

Details & Specifications

-Numerous tucks behind the knees allow for stress-free leg movement.
-The inseam gusset allows for unrestricted range of motion and performance.
-Customizable fit for any weather conditions, making them suitable for year-round wear.
-4 pockets.
The front pockets have a flap with snap design, for security and safety.
-The inner pocket is mesh to further reduce the weight of the pants.

Length & Design variations

-Available in 5 different lengths and designs: long, 3/4, short, short 9 inch, and Puffer Fish-PT short.
The long length is the most popular, suitable for year-round wear and outdoor rock climbing.
The 3/4 length is recommended not only for climbing but also for biking.
The shorts come in two lengths.
The regular shorts have an inseam of about 30cm (about 12 inches), while the short 9 inch & Puffer Fish-PT have an inseam of about 23cm.
Great for everyday use during the hot season, and ideal for festivals, activities, etc.
-Both the regular shorts and the short 9 inch have a clean silhouette around the waist, while the Puffer Fish-PT has a looser fit.


Mizugaki Hyakkiyako / V11

Mizugaki HOLOS/V11

Climber in all videos: Ambassador Taisei Ishimatsu Fish-PT Long/175cm/65kg/M size ©Taisei Ishimatsu