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Kuroshio Boulder Revised Edition - STONE BLUE -

Kuroshio Boulder Revised Edition - STONE BLUE -

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[Item introduction]
An overwhelming sense of freedom, an outstanding location, and the bliss of climbing between the blue sky and the blue sea, caught by the wind of free climbing that has come across the Pacific Ocean from far away in California.
Five years have passed since then.
Discover new areas and add new challenges with Thor Nakajima, El Capitan Kurakami, and Sashio.
Kuroshio Boulder 3rd 4-star ``Itsuka Came Michi'' 4th Dan - Column by Toru Nakajima.
Fascinating Kochi gourmet and travel guide.
A record of the day when "One Hundred and Eight Shooting Stars" was climbed by Takao Kiori, storekeeper of CRUX Osaka.
The conclusion is a story from before the Kuroshio Current by Tsuneyuki Fujioka, the father of Kochi free climbing. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

[Content details]
■Bouldering area on the coast of Kochi Prefecture
■9 areas: 90 boulders, 224+1 challenges
■All rock photos and comments on all assignments
■“Stone Story” by nine climbers
■ History of development, social activities, climate & geology
■More than 50 pages of climbing shots
■Travel information, soul food, sightseeing, hot springs
■Assignment index with checkmarks
■High quality full color, 176 pages, A5 size
*Revised version of “Kuroshio Boulder vol.1”

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