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- Climbing pants with knee tucks and adjustable Velcro hem.
・Indigo 8oz/Black Denim 8oz/Light Indigo 9oz are Okayama Ibara stretch denim.
Indigo 8oz is a standard color.
Burgundy chino uses stretch chino.
Brown nep: Warp black x weft nep brown yarn with a melange feel.
・Colors other than indigo 8oz are finished just by being there.
・It incorporates the same tucks on the back of the knee and hem as Fish-PT, but the size feels like denim pants.
The size is different from Fish-PT, so please compare it with the size of Fish pants.
- A gusseted crotch on the inseam allows you to lift your legs up without hindering movement.
- Adjustable waist with drawcord.
・Washed ・Unisex model ・Quality Indigo 8oz/Light Indigo 9oz
Black Denim 8oz/ Gunjo Denim Cotton/ 98% Polyurethane 2%
Burgundy chino: 95% cotton/5% polyurethane
Brown nep ⇒
Cotton: 76% / Acrylic: /11% / Polyester: 11%
Polyurethane: 2%
・Model wearing
Indigo 8oz/Brown nep: 169cm/63kg/M size Burgundy chino/Gunjo denim: 163cm/53kg/S size Black denim 8oz/Light indigo 9oz
173cm/60kg/M size The 173cm model is tall, skinny, and has a slim waist, so if you want the perfect size, go for S. M in the image is a loose fit.
The fabric is stretchy, but considering the movement of climbing, we recommend a size that is slightly roomy.
[XS] Waist: 72cm/Inseam: 75cm/Hip: 92cm
Thigh: 62 cm / Hem elastic rise: 34 cm
[S] Waist: 77cm/Inseam: 77cm/Hip: 96cm
Thigh: 65 cm / Hem elastic rise: 36 cm
[M] Waist: 81cm/Inseam: 79cm/Hip: 100cm
Thigh: 68 cm / Hem elastic rise: 38 cm
[L] Waist: 85cm/Inseam: 81cm/Hip: 104cm
Thigh: 71 cm / Hem elastic rise: 40 cm
・It becomes the product exact size that the staff measured.
・Please note that the product size may vary as it is a washed product.

・Model Coordinating Tops Indigo 8oz model wearing: Percy-Stand PL (wearing ML size) Click here
Burgundy chino model wearing: SL-Hoodie (wearing size M) is here
Black Denim 8oz/Brown NEP model wearing: Sign-PLα (wearing size M) is here

・Details are subject to change without notice.
・The color may look different from the actual product depending on the PC environment.
・As this is a washed product, there may be variations in product size.
・When washing, the color will fade, so please wash it separately.
・When wet, the color may transfer to white or light colored items.
Please note that color transfer may occur not only after washing, but also when you sweat or get wet in the rain.
・The images shown may include colors that are not available.

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