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Hazel-PT Long

Hazel-PT Long

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・Stretch denim that I always use at Ethan-PT in Ibara, Okayama Prefecture.
・We propose 5-pocket jeans that look like tie pants and are made of light-weight denim.
Although it has a unique design, the tube part is neat and the material is denim, making it easy to challenge.
The pattern is similar to tie pants, so it's pretty easy to put your legs up.
・There are 4 sizes available, but please choose the size according to your favorite silhouette.
・The waist belt is removable.
・With belt loop. You can also pass your existing belt through it.
・Logo embroidery and roulette embroidery available.
- Front zipper opening.
・Washed ・Quality: Cotton: 98% Polyurethane: 2%
①② Photo: 157cm/46kg/wearing size S
③④ Photo: 168cm/50kg/wearing size S - The length in the image is a little shorter.
The length of the product will be a little longer.
Available in 4 sizes.
[XS] Waist: 100cm/Inseam: 70cm/Hip: 117cm
Thigh: 74cm/Hem: 33cm
[S] Waist: 104cm/Inseam: 72cm/Hip: 121cm
Thigh: 76cm/Hem: 35cm
[M] Waist: 108cm/Inseam: 74cm/Hip: 125cm
Thigh: 79cm/Hem: 37cm
[M] Waist: 112cm/Inseam: 76cm/Hip: 129cm
Thigh: 81cm/Hem: 39cm
・The actual size of the product is measured by our staff.
・Please note that the product size may vary as it is a washed product.

・As this is a washed item, product size may vary.
・The color will fade when washed, so please wash separately.
・When wet, color may transfer to white or light-colored items.
Please note that color transfer may occur not only after washing, but also when you sweat or get wet from the rain.
・Do not tumble dry.
・Details may change without notice.
・ Colors may appear different from the actual colors depending on the viewing environment.
・The images posted may contain colors that are not available.

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